Inspirational Poetry of Connie Arnold

Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace

May you experience beauty, joy and peace
as you visit and return often!

When the noise of the world tries to intrude
in your moments of peaceful solitude,
let the song of God's love, like a gentle caress,
seep into your soul, bringing peace and happiness.

May the Prince of Peace bring us peace,

may useless activity and chaos cease,

as hearts and minds overflow with Godís grace,

and we share that peace in every place.

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Every day there's a song to be sung,
A song for the old as well as the young,
A song for peace and an end to strife,
And for the joy and beauty of life.

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When you need some comfort and peace of mind,
When strength for the day seems so hard to find,

Close your eyes and open your heart and soul

To receive the strength that will make you whole.

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                       Quietly, silently, in a hidden part,                                          

reaching down, deep inside, in the center of my heart,

lies a song, soft and sweet, like a gentle caress,

a kiss of the soul, bringing peace and happiness.


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What people are saying:

  • Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace, has to be some of the most inspiring, encouraging and uplifting poetry that I have ever read."  "This would be a wonderful book to have on your shelf for those moments when you need a little emotional boost, or when you just need some help finding a speck of calm in the chaos."  "How beautifully each poem supports the premise of the title!" 
  • Abiding Hope and Love - "Her beautifully chosen words flow through the mind like a musical score, instilling in the reader a healing balm to the soul."  "These poems will give you a fresh look on life and it will renew your soul in such a profound way. This book is magnificent; kudos to Connie Arnold for writing a timeless masterpiece."
  •  Abundant Comfort and Grace - Abundantly open to and inspired by The Spirit, Connie Arnold has again touched the mind and heart of the reader of her poetry in her third and possibly best yet book. Every poem speaks to experiences and feelings we all encounter in our walk through life, reminding us that The Source of strength and comfort is always with us. Evidence of This Presence is further beautifully illustrated in this volume by Gary Strader's photographs of God's creation. Abundant Comfort and Grace lends itself to peaceful moments of reflection and meditation.
  •  Animal Sound Mix-up - Imagine if animals got confused and exchanged voices with each other. That's just what happens in the picture book, Animal Sound Mix-Up. Silliness abounds as a mouse roars, a donkey barks, and monkeys moo. I liked the book's easy-to-read, rhyming text explaining the muddled mumblings of the various critters. The charming illustrations compliment the words, showing animals with happy expressive faces. I recommend this book for children age 2 and up, although parents, grandparents and teachers will appreciate it, too. Animal Sound Mix-Up is just the right length to read during children's church, but would work for Sunday school or a preschool class, too. Toward the end, the book provides a simple way to help children understand God's perfect design.Get ready for giggles and belly laughs as you enjoy the absurdity of animals uttering the wrong sounds. Don't be surprised if kids ask to read this one again and again. Reviewed by Beth Bence Reinke
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The Song of Life


                       Quietly, silently, in a hidden part,                                          

reaching down, deep inside, in the center of my heart,

lies a song, soft and sweet, like a gentle caress,

a kiss of the soul, bringing peace and happiness.


When the noise of the world and life's sorrow intrude,

I need to retreat for some quiet solitude,

then the song of my soul, like a soothing lullaby,

spreads its warmth through my being with a soft, melodic sigh.


The song of my life from God's heartbeat sweetly flows,

the serenity and beauty pulsing forth divinely shows

so much peace and perfect love, spreading joy and harmony,

revives and strengthens me to continue life's journey.


Connie Arnold,  2010

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One of my children's books, Animal Sound Mix-up, has been published by Guardian Angel Publishing and two more accepted to be published, and I have posted a few poems for children.

A music contract has been signed for a song I wrote for the wedding of my son and daughter-in-law, Love is Forever.

One of my poems, The Source of Hope, is included in the anthology, Think Positively. Another one, My Daughter, My Blessing is included in To You My Daughter. These two books are filled with inspiring poems by various authors and edited by Jesse Sposato.

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  Hope Whispers

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                                        Forever Friends
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