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Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace

Connie Arnold's books and excerpts

This page it to help make it easier for me to share blessings with you and you to share with others, with all thanks, praise and glory to God always! 

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  52-Week Daily Devotional, Peaceful Moments of Love and Light, $15.00, discounted to $11.00

True happiness can only begin
when peace and harmony live within,
anchored to your Creator above,
Who fills your life with joy and love.

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  A Symphony of Seasons, $12.95, discounted to $9CHECK TO ADDRESS ABOVE OR

There are sections of poems about each of the seasons and for every month through the year, as well as some holidays, with a musical theme running throughout, like the movements of a symphony.

A Song to be Sung

Every day thereís a song to be sung,

A song for the old as well as the young,

A song for peace and an end to strife,

And for the joy and beauty of life.


We each can have a song to sing,

A song in winter and also in spring,

A song for summer and autumn days,

And for the Creator, songs of praise.


Music can soothe a troubled mind,

A song of love, gentle and kind,

To ease the discord of pain and grief,

And pleasantly offer some sweet relief.


A song of life can be sung each day,

A song of thanksgiving as we pray,

A joyful song sung to God above

For His mercy, forgiveness, grace and love.

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  Abundant Comfort and Grace, $16.00, discounted to $11 SEND CHECK TO ADDRESS ABOVE OR

Each poem is accompanied by beautiful color nature photographs.

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Evidence of Grace

The grace of God offers evidence
of His eternal love,
raining down upon us
like showers from above.

The beauty found in nature
helps us to be aware
of God's endless grace
and infinite, loving care.

The golden, rosy glow
of the early morning sky,
chasing away the darkness
of the night that's just gone by,
gives witness to the coming
of the Light of creation,
and by God's holy grace,
the source of our salvation.

The sound of children's voices,
as they laugh and when they play,
reminds me we're God's children
and loved in a special way.
When we feel overwhelmed
by life and everything,
God's grace can lift and give us
a new song to sing.

Abiding Hope and Love, $14.00, discounted to $9  CHECK TO ADDRESS ABOVE OR


Love is the Reason

How can we be certain,
to know for sure it's true
that Jesus came to save us
and died for me and you?
Did he really rise again,
can we believe the story,
and does he still live
with God in endless glory?

The answers are around us
if we will look and see,
in the beauty of nature,
of flower, plant and tree.
The leaves in autumn die
and fall to the sod
but will bud once again
on limbs lifting up to God.

The plant that once blossomed,
that seemed to die away,
will in splendor bloom anew
on a bright spring day.
Life comes to an end,
but there's always much more,
new life, fresh beginnings,
as we've often seen before.

The cycle of life
and changing of the season
makes resurrection clear,
shows plainly the reason.
Yes, Jesus came in love,
and even though he died,
He rose to life again
and is present by our side.

Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace, $14.00, discounted to $8 CHECK TO ADDRESS ABOVE OR


A Singing Heart

Joy in the morning, peace through the day
and calm when the night is near;
Though troubles abound and pain comes around,
there's really no need to fear.
God works for the good of all those who love him,
his promise is ever true.
We cannot be separated from his love
regardless of what we might do.

Hi mercy surrounds us, his beauty astounds us,
how wonderful are his ways!
His guidance, direction, great love and protection
are with us all of our days.
All nature rejoices with uplifted voices,
proclaiming God's power and might,
To God, the Creator, our Shield and Defender,
the source of all goodness and light.

The whole of creation, with great jubilation,
to the Good Shepherd bring
Psalms of thanksgiving and sweet adoration
offered before their King.
Make music before him with praise, and worship
the one who has set us apart.
Proclaim his great name, evermore the same,
filled with love and a singing heart.


"Peaceful Moments of Love and Light is a beautiful book. Connie Arnoldís writing expresses so well the beauty of creation and Godís
love for us. Reading a short and heartfelt verse is a great start to every morning and will leave each reader with a feeling of peace to
help throughout the day."

The Rev. Dr. Mary Abrams
Deacon, Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky

A Symphony of Seasons: "Connie has been given a gift which can only come from God. You not only read her words, you feel and live her words. You are uplifted, encouraged and given hope through her gift.  If you have a love of poetry (and even if you donít), I highly, highly recommend you buy this book as well as the three other books she has written: Abundant Comfort and Grace, Abiding Hope and Love and Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace."

Reviewed by Valerie Wells-Murray

"Abundant Comfort and Grace is a refreshing book of poetry that will take the reader on a journey of God's grace and comfort. Poetry that will ease the mind and soothe the soul. Each and every poem will deal with some aspect of life that the reader has already gone through or will encounter in their life, fear, patience, questions and hope. Each piece of this beautiful poetry is accompanied with an outstanding piece of photography that compliments the poem. This is an excellent book to add to your shelf and when you get discouraged just take it off the shelf and read again the beautiful words the author has written from her own heart to wrap around yours. Recommended for everyone."
Reviewed for Readers Favorite

"Abiding Hope and Love is a book full of poetry that you will treasure for a lifetime. Author Connie Arnold writes with faith, just as the Prophet Paul did in The Book of Romans. Her faith and love stands out in truth, and these poems will live on forever in the inkful faith of Christ.  I give this book 5 stars, it is well written; within each word I feel the spirit of God pouring out to me. These poems will give you a fresh look on life and it will renew your soul in such a profound way. This book is magnificent; Kudos to Connie Arnold for writing a timeless masterpiece."

Reviewed by Tabitha Robin

"Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace, by Connie Arnold has to be some of the most inspiring, encouraging and uplifting poetry that I have ever read.  There is a God given message in each of Connie Arnold's poems, and there is music in poetry as well as beauty and Connie Arnold has so elegantly shared that music and beauty with her readers.  Life is hard and has lots of pain, sadness and frustrations, but Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace, will bring you back to the true source of joy and peace, which is our Heavenly Father.  Christian based, Godly poetry is hard to find and that is what sets this book above the rest.  You will want a copy of Beautiful Moment of Joy and Peace, for your personal library as you will find yourself reading this book time and time again, be refreshed and finding you way to the beauty that God has created."

 Tom Ward, author


Mokey's New Friends - NEW! $10.95 CHECK TO ADDRESS ABOVE OR

Olive and the Great Flood, $10.95, discount $9.95 CHECK TO ADDRESS ABOVE OR

Also available from Guardian Angel Publishing - book, e-book or CD, and Amazon

This is a lovely picture book to read and enjoy. In her simple, lyrical language, most appropriate for young children, talented children's author Connie Arnold tells the story of Noah, his Ark, and the Flood. At the heart of it is Olive, the beautiful dove, who has a most important job to do in this already most important tale. The tone is calming and peaceful, making this book not only educational but also perfect as a bedtime story. I really enjoyed the colorful illustrations by Kathleen Bullock. They really fit and suit the story. Children will have fun pointing out all the animals both in the Arc and under the seas. I truly recommend this delightful picture book for young children!

Reviewed by Mayra Calvani

Mayra's Secret Bookcase

  Count 1,2,3 With Me, $10.95, discounted to $9.50 CHECK TO ADDRESS ABOVE OR

Also available from 4RV Publishing and Amazon

Counting to ten is so much fun with this colorful and lyrical book. Count 1, 2, 3, With Me by Connie Arnold will be released by 4RV Publishing on November 10th. One turtle creeps around during the day and at night his shell becomes his bed. Two arms hugs those we hold dear, while three boys wrestle with dad. Puppies, kids, cars, and more fill this wonderful book.

Vibrant and colorful artwork from Ginger Nielson accompanies Arnoldís rhymes. A perfect match in one book that youngsters will turn to time and again as they learn to count.

 Reviewed by The Children's and Teens' Book Connection

  Animal Sound Mix-up, $9.95, discounted to $9 CHECK TO ADDRESS ABOVE OR 

Order from Guardian Angel Publishing - book, e-book or CD, or Amazon


Things would certainly be a little weird if they became mixed up somehow! That's the type of fun you can expect in Animal Sound Mix-up by Connie Arnold. 

Venture along in this fun rhyme as you discover what the world would be like if animal sounds got mixed up. You have to admit, it would be quite interesting to hear a roar from a mouse and a squeak from an elephant.

The beautiful illustrations by Kit Grady are sure to delight that young animal lover in your life, while the book overall is a great resource to teach preschoolers about animal sounds and to encourage a discussion about what makes each of us unique.

Reviewed by Lori Calabrese


Wishing you abundant blessings always!