Inspirational Poetry of Connie Arnold

Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace

About Connie

Connie Arnold was born in Texarkana, TX and moved to Anthony, TX at age two. She grew up there until going away to college, where she met her husband, Tom. They were married the following year, and moved to New Orleans.  Their first house was in Slidell, LA, where a son and daughter were born.  A change of jobs took them to Omaha, NE until the children were in college. Connie and Tom now reside in Winston-Salem, NC and have the great joy of being grandparents.

Music has always played a big part in Connie's life. She has been an organist/choir director, substitute organist, choir member and children's choir director over the years.  She has composed several pieces of music, which have been sung by both adult and children's choirs.  That was how Connie began writing poetry, as text for music.  Upon moving to Winston-Salem, she became inspired to write more music and poetry.  Some of it has been shared at various churches, and a song she composed was performed at her son's wedding.  Although most of the poetry she has written is not set to music, it has a lyrical, rhythmic quality.

In 1987 Connie was diagnosed with lupus, a chronic illness which forced a change in her life.  The good that has come from it has been in being more open to God and being inspired, and in a greater understanding of the suffering of others.  Many of her poems are influenced by that and express how important it is to rely on God and how God's love can sustain through the hardships of life.  Having books of poetry published is a way to reach out to others in hopes of inspiring as she has been inspired, offering moments of beauty, joy, peace, hope, love and comfort.

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