Inspirational Poetry of Connie Arnold

Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace


A Symphony of Seasons” takes you through each season, Spring , Summer, Winter and Fall. What I love about the book is that it begins with “Songs Of Each Season” and then you begin your beautiful journey within each season through words beautifully written from the heart of Connie.  I love Spring so I chose a little “excerpt” of poetry on this beautiful season:

A Season of Hope

When spring returns to the earth
It’s a time of renewal and birth
With a promise of better tomorrows;
When you’re trying just to cope,
To reach and blindly grope,
It’s a season of fresh hope,
With a chance of relief from your sorrows….

Connie has been given a gift which can only come from God. You not only read her words, you feel and live her words. You are uplifted, encouraged and given hope through her gift.  If you have a love of poetry (and even if you don’t), I highly, highly recommend you buy this book as well as the three other books she has written: Abundant Comfort and Grace, Abiding Hope and Love and Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace. 

Reviewed by Valerie Wells-Murray

When I hear from author Connie Arnold, I sit up and take notice. She has the gift to not just write, but paint with her words. I can't think of a lot of people who can do that.

Connie has a new book out and it was my pleasure to review it. Connie breaks the book into Songs of Each Season, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. I'm not able to share a sample, but I don't need to. A Symphony of Seasons is so reasonably priced, you can purchase it and agree with me.
* Connie really paints words. I'm someone that has trouble picturing things unless it is right before me. I'm not an abstract thinker. This is what makes her work so special, because in few words, she gives a panoramic, sweeping view of her subject. Her landscapes make me want to go where it is she is "painting." She makes it look easy, but it isn't. If you enjoy nature, praise, God's beauty and the seasons, you are in for a real treat.
* She covers the seasons. As I went through her poems, every moment I could think for each season is included. The book is comprehensive, incorporating every sight and sound that I could imagine about each season. There's not an event or a part of the senses that isn't included-and it's all done with mastery and beauty.
A Symphony of Seasons is another inspired, vivid work by Connie Arnold.

Reviewed by Julie Arduini

A Symphony of Season by Connie Arnold is laced with beautiful pictures of life. In this amazing book you will find songs of the soul written in poetic harmony of the spirit. I believe my favorite poem in this book is Symphony of Creation because is sings to my heart truth. As my two favorite seasons are spring because of the lush regrowth and rebirth of life, and Fall because of all the crisp colors of life that lingers in the air. Through Connie's writes I have a new fond respect for winter and summer my least two favorite seasons of the year. A greater understanding is put in a new illuminating spotlight that will give you a new look on life. I give this book a 5 star rating and hope that everyone will pick up this book and read it. This is one book I will add to my library to read over and over again. The uplifting nature of this book takes you to new places, and teaches you to search deep within your self to understand your soul. A Symphony of Seasons is surely one of the best books I have read in 2012.

Reviewed by Tabitha Pike


Abundant Comfort and Grace by Connie Arnold
Reviewed for Readers Favorite
5 Star Rating

Abundant Comfort and Grace is a refreshing book of poetry that will take the reader on a journey of God’s grace and comfort. Poetry that will ease the mind and soothe the soul. Each and every poem will deal with some aspect of life that the reader has already gone through or will encounter in their life, fear, patience, questions and hope. Each piece of this beautiful poetry is accompanied with an outstanding piece of photography that compliments the poem. This is an excellent book to add to your shelf and when you get discouraged just take it off the shelf and read again the beautiful words the author has written from her own heart to wrap around yours. Recommended for everyone.

As a avid cross stitcher as well as reading, this poetry would make some beautiful piece of cross stitch art with credits and compliments to the author. This is a book that I will enjoy over and over as days go by.

Reading Connie Arnold's book of inspirational poetry Abundant Comfort and Grace is like sharing a cup of coffee with your best friend.


The question isn't if you will be refreshed, but how.


Do you need to slow down? Then curl up with Arnold's chapter Slow Down and Take Time and drink in such words as

            A little time for silence should be taken every day,

            With the world of confusion shut away...


Are you struggling to understand God's grace? Then sip a little of the chapter Glimpses of Grace.


Has worry left your soul parched? Then satiate your thirst with stanzas like

            Worry approaches like a thief,

            Stealing all hope from the soul,

            Robbing our peace and tranquility,

            Distracting us from our goal...


Yes, drink deep from Connie Arnold's book and you will be surprised at how it will hydrate your soul.


Reviewed by Debbie Simler-Goff

5.0 out of 5 starsAbundant Comfort and Grace Showcases Connie Arnold's Gift that is so Good It's Easy to Take Her Writing for Granted
review by Julie Arduini, The Surrendered Scribe
The Cypress Times review

Connie Arnold has that gift that is such a gift, it would be easy to take her and her writing for granted. There is so much more than poetry to her writing. Connie has a knack of being a vessel God uses to speak to the reader and in my case, calm me down and remember what's right and Who is in control.

Not long ago I had the pleasure of reviewing her book, Abiding Hope and Love. Connie has a new book out with amazing pictures by Gary Strader. The book, Abundant Comfort and Grace, is a love letter from God to you. Connie has categories for the poems and each category, every poem is a little love note from our Heavenly Father. I quickly went from blogger reviewing a book to a subdued daughter of God soaking up His presence. Again, that speaks volumes to the gift Connie Arnold has as a writer.

This is a book worth having not just for yourself, but passing along to someone you think deserves a gift to lift their spirits or encourage them. I highly recommend this book!

Here is the table of contents to give you a glimpse inside Abundant Comfort and Grace.

Comforting Presence
Walking into the Light
God is There
Childlike Contentment
Morning Assurance
Strength of the Lord
On God We Can Rely
Dependable Friend
Searching for Love
God is Everywhere
Comfort and Strength

Sweet Moments of Peace
A Glimpse of God's Grace
Seeing God
Seeking a Perfect Shell
Don't Be Worrying
Promise of a Rainbow
Evidence of Grace
Majesty of Creation
Help Me to See
Individual Value
A Pleasant Surprise

What Have You Done
Abundant Blessings
What Matters in Life
Seeking for Fame
Everyone Has a Talent
Why Should I?
Acting as Mirrors
Hard to Measure
Giving Thanks
Make the Most of Today


Not Much Time
Learning to Wait
Time for Silence
Hamster Wheel
Time for Rest
Answered Prayers
Night Approaches
Think Before You Speak
Make Life Better
Nourishing Rain

Comforting Thoughts
When It's Too Much to Bear
That's When
Life's Journey
Unique, Yet the Same
Hope for Tomorrow
Clinging Like Ivy
Uncharted Way
Life is Good
A Perfect Day of Peace

Product Description
From Amazon:
Abundant Comfort and Grace offers a gift of heart-warming poetry for readers. The author shares the comfort found through God's grace with poetic words of inspiration to uplift the soul, bringing reassurance and hope. Each poem is accompanied by stunning color photographs revealing glimpses of God's grace and the beauty of creation. The light of God's love will shine in the dark places and encourage readers to press through the challenges in life.

Abundant Comfort and Grace”
by Connie Arnold,
reviewed by The Write Time Literary Reviews

Poetry that soothes the soul. No matter what trials or tribulation you are going through this poetry will bring one spirit into comfort by Grace. Beautifully illustrated with pictures it brings life to each poem. I give this book 5 stars. It places peace in the dark void of the heart. Some of my favorite poems are; On God We Can Rely, A Glimpse of God's Grace, Individual Value, Acting As Mirrors, and Clinging Like Ivy. There is something for everyone in this book. It is a breath of fresh air.

5.0 out of 5 stars Abundant Comfort and Grace
by Juleen Olson

Abundantly open to and inspired by The Spirit, Connie Arnold has again touched the mind and heart of the reader of her poetry in her third and possibly best yet book. Every poem speaks to experiences and feelings we all encounter in our walk through life, reminding us that The Source of strength and comfort is always with us. Evidence of This Presence is further beautifully illustrated in this volume by Gary Strader's photographs of God's creation. Abundant Comfort and Grace lends itself to peaceful moments of reflection and meditation.

Review by Delia Latham

Simply beautiful poetry. That’s what Connie Arnold offers in Abundant Comfort and Grace. It’s a little book with a big return. Each page offers something different: encouragement for the discouraged; a mustard seed of faith for those who find theirs lacking; a roadmap to implicit trust, for the reader who has trouble letting go and letting God; a bright glimmer of hope for the hopeless. Connie’s own relationship with her heavenly Father shines through every verse, spills out of the pages, and wraps itself around the reader’s heart like a warm, loving hug.

Any lack of cadence and poetic form (based on official literary rules and guidelines) becomes unimportant when one reads the heart of the writer…and I get the feeling that’s what this writer intended. Every verse is saturated with sincerity, conviction, and an almost tangible desire to uplift and encourage.

Each poem is accompanied by Gary Strader’s gorgeous photography. The heart-stirring poetry, combined with striking photos, make Abundant Comfort and Grace a lovely book to add to any poetry collection.

I can’t imagine anyone being untouched by Connie Arnold’s writing. Keep this one handy—you’ll reach for it more than once.

5.0 out of 5 stars
An Extension of Psalms...,
by Rudi London

If you enjoy reading the longest book in the bible, Psalms, you'll love this short and sweet extension :)

The beautiful photographs by Gary Strader elevates to a higher ground the warmth and passion for God's Glory introduced in each poem. My pooch, Elvis, says he now reads poems too...? I think it has something to do with the image of - what he claims is his eagle - on the front cover...?

My favorite section is "God's Comforting Presence." But I must confess, I LOVED the ending of first verse of the poem, "Think Before You Speak."

This poem collection is a perfect gift for someone you love dearly.

  5.0 out of 5 stars A Modern Day Book of Psalms, August 3, 2010
By Pirate2240 (Victorville, CA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Abundant Comfort and Grace (Paperback)
I find myself drawn to the Psalms of the Bible for pure inspiration. Perhaps its a difficult time in my life and I find myself drawn to David's grief while stumbling through a faith issue in his life or just praising God for creating me to become a perfect masterpiece always in His eyes.

I had the rare opportunity to review a book from Connie Arnold called Comfort and Grace. It's a collection of poems that Connie herself has written that fall in line with today's modern day psalms. There are poems that seek God's presence, looking at glimpses of His grace, looking at what is really important in our lives, slowing down and taking time to enjoy our lives, and a section on comfort and hope for those dealing with difficult storms in their lives.

What a breath of fresh air is was to be able to enjoy these each day a little at a time as though God was speaking to me through the words I found in them. Connie is truly a gifted poet in her ability to not only touch our souls but to show us the love of God in our daily situations.

I was provided with a signed copy of her collection of poems compliments of Connie Arnold herself to review, and I must say I truly love having them next to me each day. You can visit Connie at her website directly at and I would rate this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Abiding Hope and Love

By Connie Arnold


Abiding Hope and Love is a book full of poetry that you will treasure for a lifetime. Author Connie Arnold writes with faith, just as the Prophet Paul did in The Book of Romans. Her faith and love stands out in truth, and these poems will live on forever in the inkful faith of Christ.  I give this book 5 stars, it is well written; within each word I feel the spirit of God pouring out to me. These poems will give you a fresh look on life and it will renew your soul in such a profound way. This book is magnificent; Kudos to Connie Arnold for writing a timeless masterpiece.



Reviewed by Tabitha Robin

"Abiding Hope and Love" is a collection of poems written by Connie Arnold. Just the cover of the book alone refreshes the soul! Inside, selections are arranged by general topics such as hope, love, family, nature and many more.

Some are simple--two lines that hold so much meaning. Some are lyrical, verses you can almost sing in your heart. Connie's poems could read as blessings on a newborn baby or a new marriage just starting out.

This little book has so much depth. Perfect for morning devotional time or evening relaxation, "Abiding Hope and Love" is an excellent companion for your daily Scripture reading.

I'm keeping my copy handy for this turbulent time our family is weathering. Few things can put a smile on my face, but Connie's poetry brought a glimmer of hope to me on one of my darkest days.


Connie Arnold Reviews

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Added June 6, 2008

Abiding Hope and Love

Author: Connie Arnold
Publisher: Publish America
Available At: Bookstores everywhere
Publishing Date: Available now
Genre: Nonfiction: Poetry/Christian
Format: Trade paper
Price: $13.95
ISBN-10: 1-60474-232-1
Reviewer: Joyce Handzo
Rating: 8 gargoyle pic Gargoyles

Abiding Hope and Love captures Christian themes with lyrical words and heartfelt phrases. Connie Arnold writes with joyfulness and a genuine desire to glorify God. Her poems are a gentle reminder of the Lord's everlasting mercy and grace.

The book is divided into six topical sections that focus on hope, love, children, music, the Bible and nature. Universal feelings are expressed simply and with faithfulness to Scripture. Honest fears, sadness and melancholy tiptoe quietly through some of the poems only to be confronted with the awesome majesty of God. Each poem turns the hearts of readers to the Lord and gives a fresh vision of His power and purposes.

Connie Arnold's creativity and compassion is highlighted in these pages. "Blessings A-Z" is a marvelous pause for thanksgiving. "New Baby Blessing" prayerfully welcomes a new life with love and wonder. The words in "Music in Laughter" are arranged in playful abandon. Photographs add a visual element and allow readers to pause and ponder the images describe.

Each turn of the page reveals an optimistic view born of hope. The author acknowledges the trials of life, but quickly turns eyes upward for heavenly hope and comfort. There is something here for everyone, but most importantly, the Spirit of God is evident. Graciousness and gladness touch Connie Arnold's words as she reflects on the will and work of the Lord. The words are lyrical and the message is spiritual. Abiding Hope and Love is a tender touch that will warm readers' hearts.


Connie, the book of poetry is beautiful as was the one before that. Your inspirational poetry has changed my life forever. You have such a gift a very powerful gift and you helped to show me the way when I was so incredibly lost. How do you begin to thank someone for something so amazing? Words are not enough but I am filled with joy like I have never known. My life is richer and I have found peace within me through your words. Thank you!

Alison Chostner, Lupus Foundation of America member

Abiding Hope and Love
Author Connie Arnold

I found this book to be inspiring, encouraging and uplifting. This author has the ability to see the joy inside each situation. After reading this book, I truly believe that this author is one of the Lord's workers. Working in truth and light. Writers can only write the subjects that are inside their hearts. Inside the heart of "Connie Arnold" is the Lord's love, hope, peace and joy.
Author Connie Arnold writes to the subjects of hope, love, children. music, the Bible and nature. Such as how there is hope in a raindrop. All that this raindrop can do. Or on the subject of music "stir my soul, Lord, with the songs of love," or how there is music in laughter. I enjoyed her poem "The Music of Creation." "The heavens are filled with the glory of God, the music of his love floats on a breeze." I took the time to imagine God's love floating on a breeze down unto the earth.
I personally enjoyed her poems on the subject of nature. For this is also my favorite subject "God's nature." Connie Arnold writes "Have you ever had a glimpse of something truly divine, at the very heart of life, stunning and so fine? It's here to be discovered, something you can find, when you are receptive and open up your mind."
If you wish to be inspired within your soul. If you wish to take the time to discover a deeper you or if you wish to see the world with with more awe. Then this book "Abiding Hope and Love" would be a good choice for any reader. This book inspired and uplifted this reviewer. Thank you Connie for writing.

Reviewed by
David Simonson

Warrior Ministries of Oklahoma

Book Review


I had the honor to review Connie Arnold’s first book, “Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace” and what a book of poetry it was.  Now I have the distinct pleasure of reviewing her second book of poetry, “Abiding Hope & Love.”  Poetry book are not something that I generally read, but Connie Arnolds’ book is filled with hope, love and encouragement regardless of the trials and difficulties we may find ourselves in “Abiding Hope & Love” will have a poem that will uplift you and encourage you. I believe the best way to describe Connie Arnold’s book, “Abiding Hope & Love,” is to share a piece of that book with you.

“As in the hurricane’s eye

The destructive winds cease,

So also within the soul

Is a haven of calm and peace.


There’s a safe, secure retreat,

A place down deep inside,

The center of life’s storms,

Where hope and love abide.


The only thing left to be said is that this is a must have book for your personal library.


Tom Ward, author

The Enemy Within

Outposts of Hell or Portals to Heaven

Now, What’s Next?

Was Satan Ever an Angel in Heaven?

If My People!

 This book of inspirational poetry, belongs amongst the ranks of the most popular inscriptions written by such authors as; Christina Rossetti, Anne Finch, William Blake, ect. It’s filled with messages of hope and love, and God’s comforting escape from life’s tribulation “Abiding Hope and Love,” would be a great addition to everyone’s library.


  I absolutely loved this read! Excellent Job Connie!

Reviewer: GhostWriter

ISBN: 1-60474-232-1

Abiding Hope and Love

By Connie Arnold


Abiding Hope and Love is a book full of poetry that you will treasure for a lifetime. Author Connie Arnold writes with faith, just as the Prophet Paul did in The Book of Romans. Her faith and love stands out in truth, and these poems will live on forever in the inkful faith of Christ.  I give this book 5 stars, it is well written; within each word I feel the spirit of God pouring out to me. These poems will give you a fresh look on life and it will renew your soul in such a profound way. This book is magnificent; Kudos to Connie Arnold for writing a timeless masterpiece.



Reviewed by Tabitha Robin

Abiding Hope and Love
By Connie Arnold
Rated: 5-STARS

Connie Arnold has done it again. Her new book Abiding Hope and Love expresses the inner beauty of this up and coming author as well as her faith in God. Her beautifully chosen words flow through the mind like a musical score, instilling in the reader a healing balm to the soul. While reading Connie's first Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace and now Abiding Hope and Love for review, I found her poems just like the title of her books. I again left my review desk to curl up on my sofa with my laptop to bask in the light of her faith. As in her first book, I felt God's love welling up inside of me as I read each poem. With many I enjoyed twice before going on to the next. I have read Connie's first book several times since my review and will be enjoying this one over and over again as well. I will keep it close for times that sadness darkens my heart. Her first book came to me when my seven year old grandson was near death and I found comfort in Connie's poetic words. Now Abiding Hope and Love comes at another dark time in my life. My husband has just faced cancer surgery. Anyone who feels the love of God in their lives will love this book of poetry. Thank you Connie; you have filled my heart yet again.

Review: By Author Nancy Lee Shrader
IS IT NOW? The End of Days!
IS HE MESSIAH? Messianic Prophecies!
The Curse of Mayweather House

Connie Arnold's new book Abiding Hope and Love will be a keepsake just as her first one was Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace.
Connie has a way of putting her gentle thoughts together creating a special purpose in her poetry that delights the soul of the reader in all aspects.
From categories Hope; Love; Children; Music;to The Bible and to Nature; each section is filled with her heartfelt feelings from the hope of what a tiny raindrop can do when combined with a multitude of drops as it falls to water the earth, to the language of love. Encouragement is a poem in the children's section and shows the love and encouragement one needs to give the children.
Her language of music expressed in poetry shows her love for it and the need for it in our lives. My favorite section is on the Bible and the ode to Creation. Nature winds the book up with many good ones including Artistic Creation, the Wind and the Stars.
This book will be one you will want to have and one you will want to give as a gift to lift someone's spirit for it truly is filled with God's Abiding Hope and Love through her verses.

Review: Mary E. Preece author of Poems, Prayers, and Promises of an Appalachian Woman

Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace

By Connie Arnold 

Rated:  5-STARS


Connie Arnold has written a beautiful book of poetry.  While reading Connie’s book for this review, I found her poems just like the title of her book, a beautiful moment of joy and peace. Leaving my review desk, I was soon curled up on my sofa with a feeling of healing calm.  In each poem, I felt God’s love for all of man and womankind and personally for me.  I must admit that I have read Connie’s book several times.  I keep it close for times that sadness darkens my heart.  Only a couple of months ago, my seven year old grandson was near death and I found comfort in Connie’s poetic words.   The Lord Is My Shepherd on page 40 and How Great the Love on page 34 and Gifts from God on page 32, became very special for me at that time.  I could list many others, but that would make this review longer than Connie’s book.  Anyone who feels the love of God in their lives will love this book of poetry. Thank you Connie, when I read your poetry, my heart is full.


Review: By Author    Nancy Lee Shrader

 IS IT NOW? The End of Days!

IS HE MESSIAH? Messianic Prophecies!

The Curse of Mayweather House

Reviewed by ReadingRat

Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace by Connie Arnold is exactly what the title says. A collection of fifty-two lyrical poems illustrating the small wonders we can enjoy everyday, if we just stop long enough to appreciate them. Whether her subject matter is the beauty of the seasons, or the wonder of a small child, or God’s love for us, Connie Arnold creates poems that speak truths to the heart and soul. This would be a wonderful book to have on your shelf for those moments when you need a little emotional boost, or when you just need some help finding a speck of calm in the chaos.

Warrior Ministries of Oklahoma

Book Review

“Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace,” by Connie Arnold has to be some of the most inspiring, encouraging and uplifting poetry that I have ever read.  There is a God given message in each of Connie Arnold’s poems, and there is music in poetry as well as beauty and Connie Arnold has so elegantly shared that music and beauty with her readers.  Life is hard and has lots of pain, sadness and frustrations, but “Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace,” will bring you back to the true source of joy and peace, which is our Heavenly Father.  Christian based, Godly poetry is hard to find and that is what sets this book above the rest.  You will want a copy of “Beautiful Moment of Joy and Peace,” for your personal library as you will find yourself reading this book time and time again, be refreshed and finding you way to the beauty that God has created.

 Tom Ward, author

Book Review:

"Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace"

By Connie Arnold


    I never thought that I would ever read, much less enjoy, a book of poetry.  If I have seen one I have seen a thousand.  Arnold's work shatters this pre-conceived stereotype regarding books of this nature.  Prose poetry is designed to draw an imaginary picture for the reader.  Arnold goes beyond this as she masterfully paints a portrait in every poem.  Take for example, her work entitled, "The Potter's Hand" on page 43.  She uses as her theme, an old parable that many learned in Sunday school.  She then takes the reader through a life long journey in only a few lines.  As you ride along on this journey, you can see and feel the hand of God working, not only in her life, but in your own life as well. 


     It is evident that much of Arnold's writing is derived from her own personal experiences.  What I did not expect, however, was the way I was able to relate to many of those same experiences.  On page 32 she has a poem entitled, "Gifts from God."  The opening line immediately reminds the reader that only God can give us those things that really matter.  Love, joy, kindness and patience are things that cannot be seen or touched.  They cannot be handled by human hands, and yet they are provided to us when we need them. 


     The author writes extensively on topics ranging from creation to gratitude.  Yet she keeps the focus on God throughout her work. Perhaps her most important poem can be found on page 58.  This poem is entitled, "Why Did Jesus Have to Die?"  This poem preaches the gospel of our salvation. The Apostle Paul would no doubt smile if he were to read this.  This poem alone makes it a wonderful witnessing tool.


   This book would be ideal for those who begin their day with a period of quiet time and prayer.  As a recovering Alcoholic and Addict (clean and sober for 9 years), I particularly find this work useful in my daily routine. "Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace" can be easily incorporated into a program of a daily devotional.


     I feel that this book was well worth the price and I would recommend "Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace" to any Christian who wishes to enhance their library of Christian material.


This review was made by Michael K. Finch

Author:  “100% Jesus”

100% Publishing and Industries

PO Box 7300

Waco, Texas 76710




As I began reading Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace I found myself letting each poem envelop me in feelings.  Some bring memories of joys shared especially with my parents; some bring pain of what I miss with them gone; but then Connie's usual closing thought of God’s plan brings peace.  How beautifully each poem supports the premise of the title!  I’ve read the whole book, slowly, I admit, because I had to blink away tears at times, some times for the memories the poems invoked, some times for the beauty of  the words.  Connie Arnold is blessedly inspired!

Juleen Olson, June 2007

So much of my current work day is hectic with deadlines filled with stress. These poems are a very pleasant read and help me to slow down and remember the important aspects of our life. I especially like that the poems have positive outcomes that leave me with a happy felling that all will be well. Everyone can use some inner peace in their lives.

Kay Gerlach

I have just finished reading 'Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace' by Connie Arnold, and wanted to tell you why I liked it so much, and why I would recommend it to others. The book is full of positive and thought-provoking messages that provide inspiration for daily living. I will read it again and again.

by Martha Thomas, May, 2007


New Review

     Today is Easter, the sun is shining, the weather is warm, the snow has disappeared, I am content and I have just finished reading Connie Arnold's " Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace. 
     Connie has encompassed all of the feelings that I am sensing at this moment. Her book of poems is a delightful read and is one that I can return to and read again and again for renewed joy and peacefulness whenever I should again feel down and depressed.

Don Montgomery
A Nanosecond to Eternity

"Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace" are what you will feel when you read Connie Arnold's book that bears that title.
Connie's exceptional poems, of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter describes each one so perfectly and would be great for the classroom.
"Be Careful What You Say" is one of my favorites and one we should all try to live by. I also loved the poem using the "Beatitudes" from Matthew 5, as well as "A Singing Heart."
I felt like I was a kindred spirit to Connie and was deeply moved by the way she found just the right words to make the poem say just exactly what was in her heart.
I truly enjoyed this book of poetry and feel that everyone will feel better after reading it.
Mary E. Preece author of Poems, Prayers and Promises of An Appalachian Woman and
In This Valley I Grew, Life on Blacklog and Happy Hollow

Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace

by Connie Arnold


Connie Arnold’s beautifully expressed poetry plays the heart like a fine violin. Her words then go beyond the music room to display another kind of art … a painting of sincerity and genuine devotion to God, rendered with soft, delicate brush strokes alongside bold splashes of color and life.


Should these heartfelt verses be studied in a poetry class, they might not be found flawless as to rhythm and cadence; their subjects could conceivably be deemed less than profound by scholars and critics. But no student would close this book not having experienced at least one moment of joy and peace.


This is a poetry collection you’ll want to keep at hand for that moment when your heart needs uplifting … those days when you can’t see the sun … the hour when you feel most alone … the time when you desperately need to feel joy and yearn for peace. The author knows where those things can be found, and she leads the way with gentleness, love, and unfailing certainty.


You’ll read this one more than once.
Reviewed by Delia Latham

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