Inspirational Poetry of Connie Arnold

Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace

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Splash goes the rain,
Drip, drip, drip,
Bouncing off my nose
Onto my lip,
Running down my chin
And onto my shirt,
Then it hits the ground,
Making mud out of dirt.

Splash goes the water
In the bathtub,
Washing off the mud
Using soap to scrub,
Cleaning off the dirt
From playing in the rain,
Watching as it goes
Gurgling down the drain.
© Connie Arnold


Little boy, little boy,
Where are you?
Getting all ready
To go to the zoo.

Little girl, little girl,
Where are you?
Putting on a shirt
Thatís purple and blue.

Mother, mother,
Where are you?
Giving to the dog
A bone he can chew.

Father, father,
Where are you?
Sitting in a chair
And tying a shoe.

Little boy, little girl,
Where are you?
Together with the family,
Having fun too!
© Connie Arnold


God loves you and God loves me,

Thatís the way itís meant to be,

Loving you each night and day,

While you sleep and when you pray,

As you rest and when you run,

When youíre really having fun,

When you have some food to eat,

At a meal or as a treat,

And in everything you do,

God is always loving you!

© Connie Arnold